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Threatened UAW Strike Could Cause ‘Turmoil’ in Entire Auto Supply Chain

Even a limited strike by United Auto Workers (UAW) would have disastrous effects on the deeper tiers of the automotive manufacturing supply chain, said Jeff Rightmer, professor of global supply chain at Wayne State University.

Q&A with BNSF VP Transportation Matthew Garland

We interviewed CSX on June 16, and now as BNSF has started putting up some good operating numbers, we’re pleased to share some Q&A with BNSF Vice President Transportation Matthew Garland.

Analysis: New Reciprocal Switching Rule Offers Carrot and Stick for Better Rail Service

If it works as intended, the Surface Transportation Board’s proposed reciprocal switching rule just might—emphasis on might—lead to better service for Class I railroad carload customers.

UAW Threatens to Widen Strike As Talks Resume in Detroit

The United Auto Workers union threatened Monday to widen strikes against Detroit’s carmakers, while Wall Street analysts tallied potential hits to the companies’ bottom line from wage increases that now seem certain.

Port of Los Angeles Records First Gains in 13 Months

The figure stands for a 3 percent increase when compared to the same period in the previous year, while marking a milestone for the port, as it represented the first monthly year-over-year growth in the past 13 months.

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