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UAW Strikes Three Sites; Production Losses Estimated at Nearly 6,000 Per Day

The UAW has stated it is not opposed to stopping work at all plants it represents in the U.S. In that extreme scenario, estimated U.S. productions losses in September could average up to 19,000 units per day.

Chemical Shippers Complain That Railroads Aim to Shift Liability to Manufacturers

American Chemistry Council says insurance requirements threaten economics of shipping by rail.

Norfolk Southern to Create Executive Role As Part of Safety Revamp

NS to complete safety implementation plan in October incorporating consultant recommendations.

Reciprocal Switching Proposal Gets Mixed Reactions From Rail Shippers

Rail shippers are still digesting the Surface Transportation Board’s proposed rule for reciprocal switching, but initial reactions are mixed.

Viewpoint: The Market, Not Regulators, Should Set Freight Rail Prices

A recent party-line vote at the Surface Transportation Board following a complaint from a coal shipper against a freight railroad is headed to court.

UP Touts Faster Falcon Premium Service As ‘A Big Deal’

Inflation and labor costs still cause for concern in 2nd half of 2023.

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