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Congress Agrees to $900 Billion Covid Stimulus Deal After Months of Failed Negotiations

Congress reached a deal Sunday on a $900 billion coronavirus relief package, a long-delayed effort to boost an American health-care system and economy buckling under the weight of the pandemic. Congressional leaders announced agreement on a bill — which will send new federal assistance to households, small businesses and health-care providers for the first time in months and fund the government through Sept. 30 — after days of start-and-stop efforts to finish a deal.

Hydrogen Strategy for Canada’s Railways

The Hydrogen Strategy for Canada, released Dec. 16 by the Canadian government, is driven in equal measure by the country’s commitment to decarbonize, and the imperative of a massive economic recovery from the consequences of COVID-19. Without that political pincer squeeze, hydrogen could have lingered for years more as the obvious, but too costly, alternative to fossil fuels.

Railroad Revenue Proposal Would Stall Wisconsin’s Freight Rail Industry

For the last four years, our economy has benefited greatly from a steady trend toward deregulation. The Trump administration has delivered on its commitment to shift from a system defined by excessive regulation to one rooted in competitiveness and the free market.

CRRC a Latest Victim of Bias Against China

Rail car maker CRRC has provided subway cars to transit systems across the United States and the world. It has built factories in the US and provided jobs for people in the US.

Safety-Relevant HMI Requirements for Train Control Systems

The evolution toward safety-relevant HMIs for train control is already well under way in Europe and Asia, most notably as part of the widespread adoption of the European Train Control System (ETCS), with more than 50,000 miles of the worldwide rail network equipped or contracted to be equipped with ETCS (8). While HMI safety requirements have not yet become widespread in North American rail applications, the anticipated re-emergence of HMI safety requirements could soon be an example of history repeating itself.

GE Renewable Energy and Veolia Partner to Recycle Decommissioned Wind-Turbine Blades

GE Renewable Energy announced that it has signed a multi-year agreement with Veolia North America to recycle blades removed from its U.S.-based onshore turbines during upgrades and repowering efforts. Through this agreement, GE plans to recycle the majority of blades that are replaced during repowering efforts.

China Drives Boom in U.S. Corn Sales and Shipments

U.S. corn is leaving the country as quickly as it can be loaded, with 12,053,200 metric tons (MT) (nearly 475 million bushels) already sold and delivered in marketing year 2020/2021 and another 29,526,600 MT (nearly 1.2 billion bushels) waiting to head to their overseas destinations as of Dec.12, 2020. The total of sales yet to be shipped and those that have been delivered is up by 242% over the last marketing year at this time, driven by increased sales to each of the top five 2020/2021 buyers including China, which is up 19,521% alone.

International News

Touax: Successful Asset Refinancing in the Rail Division for 180 Million Euros

Touax announces the refinancing of its Railcar division for a total of EUR 180 million combining a 5-year green loan in euros and pounds sterling for an amount equivalent to 120 million euros equivalent and a Revolving Credit Facility (RCF) of 3 years with a 2-year term loan conversion option for an amount equivalent to 60 million euros, in euros and pounds sterling for a part. This transaction ensures the refinancing of the existing asset portfolio as well as the financing of future investments.
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